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Get Heart Healthy! Cardiac Class Education Guide (complete resource)
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    As a health professional, you know how overwhelmed cardiac care patients often feel with all of the information they have to learn to live their new heart-healthy lifestyle. This resource provides you with six, ready-to-use, interchangeable lessons that you can teach in any order to help your patients get on track for heart-healthy eating. Intended for use with individuals who have had cardiac events (by-pass surgery, angioplasty, diagnosis of CHD, very high blood cholesterol levels) or other risk factors that place them in a high risk category, this resource incorporates the more stringent guidelines from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute ATP III report.

    Introduction Letter
    Lesson 1: Understanding Cholesterol
    Lesson 2: Understanding Fat
    Lesson 3: Facts About Fiber
    Lesson 4: Reading Food Labels
    Lesson 5: Eating Out
    Lesson 6: Weight Control Basics