My Story: Anne Hermetet Agler, PhD

Global Lab Operations Manager, Medallion

   Anne Agler

“Curious” – that’s one word you could use to describe me! Growing up in Central Illinois I wanted to learn more about EVERYTHING. Luckily my parents supported my curiosity with camps & classes for computers, archeology, music, science, foreign languages, and sports. I became a passionate athlete, playing left striker in soccer, running long distances, and sailing with my dad. Sports introduced me to nutrition because I had to work very hard to eat enough calories to support my training, but it was years before I nutrition became my career.

By high school science was the obvious way to pursue my curiosity. I completed BS & MS degrees in chemistry at Illinois State University. Moving to the East Coast, I worked as a product development chemist for 3 years and learned every step, from generating an idea to putting a finished package on the shelf for the consumer. After that I spent another 3 years working globally helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies find complex chemicals for new drugs. Working in pharmaceuticals changed the course of my life. I wanted to help people avoid getting sick in the first place, not treat their symptoms after the fact – nutrition to the rescue!

Stepping away from my career, I completed a PhD in Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University, specializing in Epidemiology and Genomics and using my background in chemistry. It was a great experience where my scientific curiosity, passion for learning, and commitment to health all worked together! General Mills’ Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition is a fantastic place for me to continue my journey as a scientist committed to helping people eat better and be healthier. Since joining the Bell Institute in 2014, have I managed a group of scientists seeking to understand how people around the world eat and identify nutritional inadequacies that could be remedied with better food. I have worked with many of our businesses and love to share my passion for healthy food. I stay connected to Cornell by serving on the External Advisory Board of the Division of Nutritional Sciences.

Outside of work my husband, Theo, and I are passionate about food and cooking. We love to travel and arrange our trips around food and architectural history. The picture here shows us at the Cristo Rey overlook in Cali, Colombia – our most recent international destination. My primary sport these days is walking/hiking with my dog, Kiefer. He loves all the wonderful parks and lakes in our new home state of Minnesota. My favorite General Mills products are Nature Valley Soft Baked Granola Bites, Yoplait Plenti, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch – the best late night snack!

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