Green Giant food challenge goes national

August 25, 2015 | Author: Kevin Hunt
Tags | General, Vegetables
Go Giant

A program encouraging more consumption of fruits and vegetables, that General Mills employees helped get off the ground, will now have a much wider reach.

Interactive Health will expand General Mills’ “Go Giant” healthy eating challenge on a national scale. Employees across General Mills took part last year.

Go Giant 

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Go Giant was created by our Global Health and Green Giant teams. The program’s trial within General Mills attracted more than 5,000 participants at our U.S. locations, with more than 3,330 completing the challenge and reporting a 34 percent average increase in fruit and vegetable consumption.

Weekly challenges within Go Giant include swaps of a fruit or vegetables in place of a less desirable option, “veggifying” a meal by creatively adding fruits and vegetables to favorite dishes, trying a new fruit or vegetable, and eating different colors of fruits and vegetables.

“Small changes can make a giant impact on health risks,” says Cathy Kenworthy, president and CEO, Interactive Health. “The simple act of eating more fruits and vegetables is crucial to every individual’s efforts to lead a healthier lifestyle through convenient and fun changes to daily behaviors.”

Interactive Health, a workplace wellness industry leader, has access to more than 20 million customers in workplaces across the country.

“The Green Giant team is passionate about expanding the Go Giant program beyond our walls due to its tremendous success at General Mills,” says Nicci Trovinger, associate marketing manager with General Mills’ Meals division.

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Kevin Hunt
Kevin Hunt | Green Giant

Kevin Hunt is the manager of social media in Global Communications at General Mills, based in Minneapolis. He oversees content for "A Taste of General Mills," and engagement and strategy for the company's corporate social media channels. He began his career at General Mills in 2010. - See more at:

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