From Fiber Functionality to Health


Representing the Bell Institute, I recently had the opportunity to attend the 6th International Dietary Fiber Conference “From fiber functionality to health” in Paris, France. Held June 1-3, 2015, the conference gathered over 260 professionals from academia, industry and government to discuss consumer, health, science and regulatory aspects of dietary fiber. From innovative scientific workshops on the “MyNewGut” initiative to engaging presentations that spanned consumer perception of fiber for digestive health to dietary fiber measurement and labeling, the conference gave a comprehensive overview of the state of dietary fiber. So what was the dernier cri (French for ‘latest fashion’) of dietary fiber? Key Themes:

· Fiber is complex! Not all fibers are the same and it’s important to understand the benefits of each.

· Both traditional and isolated fibers are useful to help consumers meet fiber recommendations.

· While fiber has many known health benefits –cholesterol reduction, aiding in weight management- there is emerging evidence of fiber’s effects on the gut bacteria and more!

For further details on the International Dietary Fiber Conference, check out their website at And of course, remember to get your daily fiber intake!

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