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Notice Anything Different on the Website???
Posted 5/21/2015 by  Amy Cohn, RD
I’ll give you a hint – it’s green, blue and round…. Yep – you guessed right – we have a NEW logo! It is with great excitement to unveil the new Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition (BIHN) logo. Our approach in developing this logo was to capture the following qualities: timeless, modern, fresh, global and approachable, while representing the three expertise areas of the BIHN through the use of three abstract icons: Health & Wellness Communications, Scientific Research and Regulatory Affairs.
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Weighing the Benefits of Yogurt for Kids Video
Want another reason to get excited about yogurt?  Results are in! A recent study showed kids who ate yogurt had better nutrient intakes and healthier body weights

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Celiac Disease Resources
With May being Celiac Disease Awareness Month gluten-free diets are sure to be a hot topic. We have a variety of gluten-free nutrition education materials, including a new handout with tips for living gluten free. 

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General Mills is USDA National Partner
General Mills is proud to be a National Strategic Partner with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help promote the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  USDA does not endorse or recommend any programs, products, services, initiatives or resources.
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