About Us

The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is the company’s source for scientific health and nutrition expertise that creates value and growth for General Mills.

The global Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is comprised of passionate doctorate and master-level scientists and registered dietitians with varied backgrounds – ranging from nutrition science to public health to food science to microbiology and more!  Our nutrition experts focus on a variety of areas ranging from nutrition density, personalized nutrition, whole grain, cereal, yogurt, dietary intake research and beyond.

The Bell Institute influences General Mill’s product development through:

  • ● Nutrition science research
  • ● Insights on nutrition claims and regulatory matters
  • ● Health communications to customers, nutrition professionals and consumers
  • ● Nutrition recommendations for product innovation and reformulation

We are committed to making food with passion and putting people first by improving the variety, nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of our products.  We often work with partners to make food safe and advance nutrition science. Learn more about our Nutrition and Food Safety Partnerships and Collaboration.


Global Health Reporting

Over the years, we have made significant progress reformulating products by increasing positive nutrients, like whole grain, fiber and iron, and reducing limiters, like sodium and sugar.  From fiscal 2005-2018, we tracked and shared our progress through our U.S. Health Metric reporting system, whereby we improved the nutrition of our U.S. Retail sales volume by 81% primarily by increasing positive nutrients or decreasing nutrients to limit.

US Health Metric Image 


In fiscal 2019, we updated and expanded our approach to a new global health reporting system that provides a transparent snapshot of the nutritional characteristics of our global portfolio.  The process for determining which products qualify as Nutrition-Forward Foods is based on established nutrition criteria grounded in regulations, dietary guidance and nutrient density.

We are proud to report that in fiscal 2021:

  • ● 47% of General Mills U.S. volume met the Nutrition-Forward criteria
  • ● 41% of General Mills Global volume met the Nutrition-Forward criteria
  NFF image

Learn more about our Global Health Reporting and Corporate Responsibility Report.