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Milestones of Evolution in Nutrition: an infographic timeline

Our Story

The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is the company’s source for scientific health and nutrition expertise that creates value and growth for General Mills.

The global Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is comprised of passionate doctorate and master-level scientists and registered dietitians with varied backgrounds – ranging from nutrition science to public health to food science to microbiology and more!  Our nutrition experts focus on a variety of areas ranging from nutrition density, personalized nutrition, whole grain, cereal, yogurt, dietary intake research and beyond.

The Bell Institute influences General Mill’s product development through:

  • Nutrition science research
  • Insights on nutrition claims and regulatory matters
  • Health communications to customers, nutrition professionals and consumers
  • Nutrition recommendations for product innovation and reformulation

We are committed to making food with passion and putting people first by improving the variety, nutrient density, affordability, and accessibility of our products.  We often work with partners to make food safe and advance nutrition science. Learn more about our Nutrition and Food Safety Partnerships and Collaboration.

60+ Years Dedicated to Nutrition:

Our story started in 1963, when the nutrition department within General Mills was first established to help the company strengthen its health and nutrition expertise. In 1998, we institutionalized the nutrition department naming it the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition to continue to advance nutrition excellence and advise future nutrition capabilities for General Mills.

We are named in honor of James Ford Bell, a lifelong scientist and former General Mills president and chairman. His innovative spirit led to the formation of General Mills in 1928 through the merger of Washburn Crosby, a milling company, and four other mills.
As a leader and innovator, Bell initiated the expansion of the company’s products beyond flour and Wheaties cereal to developing new food products like Cheerios and Kix cereals. In addition, Bell’s laboratories studied vitamins and introduced a process for producing vitamin D to help increase the nutrient density of General Mills’ products.

Bell dedicated his life to philanthropy, conservation and science. We strive to carry on his spirit through our dedicated work in the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition.